Hello, friends.

Will you help me?

Democrats in Utah have given up trying to win elections, and the Republican Party has transformed itself into the Party of Trump. The majority of Utah voters are in the center, and they’ve been left behind by the two major parties. So I’m running for Congress with the new United Utah Party to give those voters a real choice this time around.

I knew, from day one, that this was going to be an uphill battle. I had no idea, however, that the state of Utah was going to do everything in its power to keep me off the ballot.

When I went to file as a candidate on May 26, I was rebuffed and refused. The level of hostility was astonishing to me. It was clear from the outset that Utah’s one-party state government wasn’t interested in letting any newcomers challenge their stranglehold on the electoral process. 

Well, it took several months and a decision from a federal judge, but just last week, the state was ordered to put me on the ballot in the upcoming special election to replace Jason Chaffetz in Utah’s Third Congressional District. The establishment threw everything they had at me, they ultimately came up short. Against all odds, we prevailed.

But now the real fight begins.

I’m going up against against well-funded opponents who have long-established parties backing them. I don’t have the financial means to self-fund this race, which means whether I win or lose largely depends on how much I can raise from like-minded supporters who, like me, recognize that the two-party system is fundamentally broken.

That’s why I’m asking for your help.

I’ve set up a page at crowdpac.com where you can donate to my campaign with one easy click. The default donation amount is $50, but where you are in a position to donate more, perhaps substantially more, I humbly ask that you please do so. The federal campaign donation limit is $2700 per person, and those of you who have the financial means to give that amount, please click the “other” button and put in the maximum donation you can give. It would go a long way toward shaking up a dysfunctional system, and it would mean a great deal to me personally.

I want to thank you in advance for your support. I took on the one-party state and won. With your help, I can do the same thing in Washington DC.

Yes! I’ll donate!