The Trump team is still trying to pretend that all of the talk of Russia is smoke without fire, and that the press is willing to throw any Russian-themed accusation against the wall in the hopes that something will stick.

But the accusations against Donald Trump Jr. are starting to look pretty sticky.

The June 3, 2016 email to the younger Donald offered documents that “would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.” This info was described as “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” Junior quickly emailed back and said, in part, “I love it.”

It’s as if the Clintons hacked the Trump servers and wrote the exchange themselves.

The Trumps are insisting that the meeting amounted to nothing, and that the woman who met with them was incoherent and didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But the fact that meeting was a bust is almost beside the point. The fact is that Trump Jr. went into that meeting with the expectation that it would include helpful information provided by a hostile foreign power, and that the Putin regime was acting because of its “support for Mr. Trump.”

Mr. Trump Jr.’s response should have been “No thanks, because such information would constitute illegal collusion with a foreign power in an American election.” Instead, his response was, “I love it.”

That’s some very problematic love.

Had the meeting not been a bust, and, instead, had included a personal audience with Putin himself, and if Putin had handed over a dossier of classified information collected by his government in order to destroy Hillary Clinton, is there any question in anyone’s mind that Trump Jr. would have accepted said information with unbridled glee?

That emailed “I love it” doesn’t leave much wiggle room for multiple interpretations.

This demonstrates why it would be unwise for the Third District to elect someone from the Party of Trump, who would feel partisan pressure to go easy on the Russian connection. Jason Chaffetz’s reluctance to use his position as head of the House Oversight Committee didn’t sit well with his constituents, and any Republican would likely be equally reluctant to hold this president accountable.

I’m running with the United Utah Party because I think we need to hold this president’s feet to the fire.