[Note: This is a statement I made at a press conference after U.S. Circuit Court Judge David Nuffer ordered the state to put me on the ballot.]

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our legal team, especially Bryan Sells, Cheylynn Heymann, and Jordan Toone, as well as everyone at Parr Brown Gee & Loveless, who have dedicated a great deal of their time, expertise, and resources to get me on the ballot as the United Utah Party’s candidate. Without them, this would not have been possible.

So, yes, I’m on the ballot. Utah voters now have a real choice beyond the broken two-party system. So the question is: what happens now?

The opposition of the state elections office and the limbo-like nature of my campaign over these past two months has made it difficult to raise the money necessary to build the campaign structure we will need to win this race. That changed yesterday, and we are now seeing a great deal of support that we will build on in the coming weeks. I am not running simply to make a statement or publicize my party. I am running to win, and I am confident that I will win.

So even though I’m behind, the fact is that the general election cycle for this campaign won’t begin in earnest until the Republicans decide on August 15 who will represent the Party of Trump. After that, the race starts all over again, and I’ll be right there at the starting gate along with everyone else. I look forward to visiting with voters and debating my opponents about the issues that matter to the people of the Third District.

At the outset, there are three issues that stand out above others that will be the main focus of my campaign. 

The first issue is health care. The Party of Trump has spectacularly failed in its promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, which is collapsing under its own weight.  But the Democrats are sitting on the sidelines, and the sole focus of the Republicans is getting a political victory they can put on the president’s scorecard. No one from either party is focused on actually fixing our broken healthcare system. As Utah’s Third District congressman from the United Utah Party, I will be.

The second issue is public lands. My Republican father was uniquely proud of his Washington County Land Bill that he produced alongside Democrat Jim Matheson, because that bill represented a workable compromise that included the input of stakeholders from all across the political spectrum. He had hoped it would provide the template for a series of similar bills for counties across Utah, but the two parties dropped the ball. As Utah’s Third District congressman from the United Utah Party, I will pick up where my father left off.

The third issue is immigration and how we treat refugees. In the last few days, President Trump has slashed new green card approvals by 50%, and one of his first acts in office was to create a permanent refugee ban for people who have been driven from their homes because of what they believe. Utah is a state founded by refugees searching for religious freedom, but the Party of Trump has turned their backs on the people suffering the same fate today. As Utah’s Third District congressman from the United Utah Party, I will fight to make sure that our immigration policies reflect the best of who we are as a state and a nation.

Thank you.