United Utah Party candidate has second opportunity to get into debate

The Utah Debate Commission has decided to commission a new poll to determine eligibility for a televised debate for candidates in the upcoming special congressional election to replace Jason Chaffetz.

Jim Bennett, candidate for the United Utah Party, applauded the decision.

“The debate commission has demonstrated a great deal of integrity by taking this action,” Bennett said. “It’s a smart move, and it will ensure complete confidence in the results.”

In the first poll, Bennett missed the threshold to participate in the debate by a paltry 0.43%. “It was heartbreaking to come that close and still fall short,” he said.

Jim noted that his father, former Sen. Bob Bennett, was the co-chair of the debate commission when the current debate threshold was established. “I think Dad was right to set the bar high,” the younger Bennett said. “I will accept and abide by the commission’s final decision.”

But the decision is no longer final, as the new poll gives Jim another chance to become the first third-party candidate to be included in an official debate.

“People forget that we’ve only been in this race for just over a month, and we’re just getting started,” said Tim Fullmer, campaign manager for the Bennett campaign. “We’ve been gaining momentum and getting a very positive response on the campaign trail, and the new poll will reflect that.”

Bennett agreed. “People said I wouldn’t be on the ballot, and now I’m on the ballot,” he said. “That should give pause to anyone who thinks I can’t make it into this debate.”

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