Calls “Medicare-for-all” proposal by Bernie Sanders “misguided.”

SANDY, UT – Jim Bennett, congressional candidate for the United Utah Party in Utah’s Third District, took issue with the proposal of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to create a single-payer healthcare system in the United States.

“The Sanders bill is misguided on every level,” Bennett said. “It’s expensive, inefficient, and entirely impractical. And with Republicans in control of Congress and the White House, it’s essentially dead on arrival.”

Bennett noted that expanding Medicare to all Americans would only exacerbate the looming crisis in mandatory spending programs.

“Medicare is one of the main drivers of our budget deficit,” he said. “Nearly two-thirds of federal spending is on autopilot, and it’s driven by demographics. Last year, we spent 2.4 trillion dollars in mandatory spending programs, and 1.2 trillion dollars in discretionary spending. Those numbers are slated to grow to gargantuan sizes until they eat up more than 100% of all the money we collect in taxes. When that happens, even if you cut defense spending by 100%, you will still have a deficit.”

Bennett emphasized the fact that neither Republicans nor Democrats are confronting this issue. “Both parties have kicked the can down the road for decades,” Bennett said. “Unless we change the dynamic, we’re going to run into serious trouble.”

Dr. Kathie Allen, the Democrat in the race, has repeatedly called for a single-payer system. Bennett called that a mistake.

“Productive health care reform needs to rely on a mix of catastrophic coverage and medical savings accounts,” Bennett said. “That’s the best way to both increase coverage and reduce costs.”

More information is available at jimbennettforcongress.com.